Maya plugin wizard setup step by step

{MayaDir}: maya installed dir(ex: C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya2012)
{VCDir}: VC++ installed dir(ex: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0)

With the SDK that comes with Visual C++ 2010, it does not work with 64-bit
targets. If you gonna build 64-bit plugin, install Windows SDK:

1.Unzip maya plugin wizard( {MayaDir}\devkit\pluginwizard2.0.zip )

2.Copy MayaPluginWizard under _MayaPluginWizard dir to
  {VCDir}\VCWizard, which should then looks like:

3.Copy the other 3 files under _MayaPluginWizard dir

  (MayaPluginWizard.icon, MayaPluginWizard.vsdir, MayapluginWizard.vsz)
  to {VCDir}\VC\vcprojects, if you use VS express then
  to {VCDir}\VC\express\vcprojects

4.Open MayaPluginWizard.vsz and modify this line:
  If you use VC2008, stick to 9.0, if VC2010, change to 10.0

5.If use VC2010, open
  change all the 'vcproj' to 'vcxproj'

6.open VC, File –> New –> Project, choose MayaPluginWizard from
  installed template

7.name your project name, next next next(enough for this helloworld plugin)

8.DeclareSimpleCommand( HelloWorld, "Wayne", "2012");
  MStatus HelloWorld::doIt( const MArgList& args ){

9.if you gonna build 64bit plugin:
  project->properties->configuration properties
  change top left Configuration: to All Configurations
  select Congigure Manager on the right
  in Platform scroll, select
  select x64 for new platform, Select Win32 for
  "Copy settings from" . Click OK
  Under Configuration Properties/General, set "Platform Toolset" to

10.F7 build it, your .mll plugin should be in your {ProjDir}/Debug(or Release)

11.open MAYA, Window->Setting/Preferences->Plug-in Manager

12.browse and check on your .mll plugin

13.in the shell window, mel tab, type in HelloWorld,
   you should see:
   // Result: MayaPlugin Test command executed!

筆記備忘, 大部分都是參考Priscilla學姊的這篇文章(http://prilisa.com/2012/01/my-first-maya-2011-c-plug-in.html) 有些步驟硬是有出入, 兩次在x86跟x64的環境上也不大一樣, default.js好像網路上也沒什麼人提到, 東撞西碰紀錄一下希望日後可以少做一些笨事...... Anyway, 下次再搞時我猜這篇也過期了= = 各憑天命